Kantipur English High School

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
- Malcolm X         

Our Pride, Our Ex-student


         He is known to be the guy with life full of smiles till the time when he graduated from KEHS in 1994. His alluring laughter and smiles has been an icon among his friends and teachers; and it has remained to this day.

         Meet Dawa Sherpa, whose hardworking parents hailed from the town of Dolakha, joined Kantipur School in 1987. He was an occasional hosteler and also an awardee of ‘The Best Student of the Year,’ who believes that it was also one of the happiest moments in his life.

          Now, a successful industrialist, his products i.e. Nepalese hand-knotted carpets; has reached far & wide around the globe. He is also an accomplished intellectual in the fields of International Business Management, Sociology and Anthropology and notably a generous philanthropist and an excellent community leader.

          This diligent and optimistic person, has spread his wings through his entrepreneurship and compassion, based on his guiding principles of life. He says, “Life is a balance of work, life, service, illumination and freedom. Muscles can be grown, so can be our brain; so we need to work hard and keep exercising and practicing with diligence, patience and passion.”

          Currently, he is also serving the board of Nepal Carpet Exporters’ Association as the Secretary. Amongst his crowning glory, he is also the Treasurer of Nepal Goodweave Foundation , an organization working to end illegal child labor in carpet industry and promote adult artisans. Additionally, he is the First Vice- President of Himali Sherpa Samaj and the General Secretary of Himalayan Children Education Fund, helping to nurture Sherpa culture and tradition and also helping educate underprivileged children from all communities.

          Despite his busy schedule, he is a man consumed by wonderlust. His well- travelled itineraries expand to almost all the seven continents.

However, his vivid memories of school days makes him emotional as he misses playing football in hostel and also when he used to play in Sankha Park.                     Furthermore, Dawa acknowledges that all the extra curricular activities that he joined in Kantipur have helped him groom himself as a responsible citizen and a good human being.

          Moreover, apart from his smooth career, Dawa feels that we need to pay back to the society, and as a born Buddhist, he is learning to practice compassion (KARUNA) in life.

          As he says, “There is no way to happiness, Happiness is the way.”


Our Mission & Vision 


Kantipur English High School aims to build up children for the challenges ahead with programs that are both relevant and progressive, as a result, preparing children for life and not just for earning a living.


Kantipur English High School envisions itself to become a premier institution for Academic Excellence in the whole of Nepal.

The institution shall expand and diversify services with the growing demand of the society by availing Higher Secondary education through Cambridge University-affiliation ‘A’ level studies. 

Our Achievements

* Kantipur School receives 'A' grade school status. 


* School will remain closed today March 10, 2017 due to uncertain situation, and will reopen only on Monday, March 13, 2017. Happy Holi to all Kantipurians!

* Academic calendar updated, click the calendar link & news link to see details.

Kantipur School establishes academic MOUs with The Aided High School, Bangladesh & Muslim Hands School of Excellence, Islamabad, Pakistan in April 11, 2016.