Our History

Kantipur English High School, an English-medium school, prides itself with its long and rich tradition of Academic Excellence through the legacy of its founder and incumbent principal Mrs. Subadra Shresta.

The inspiration to establish a school came to her in the early 1970’s while a student in Bangalore, India. A decade later, along with the support of her husband, she turned this dream into a reality. With the aim of becoming a center of academic excellence in Nepal and keeping in mind the perspective of providing quality education to the students of various caliber of the marginalized population, i.e. lower and middle class, the school formally opened its doors to the public in 1983.

With her admiration for knowledge and her appreciation of classical thought, Mrs. Shresta named the school Kantipur English School after Kantipur, the historic name of Kathmandu Valley where education, art, culture and trade thrived at its peak among the entire South Asian countries. The school’s motto, “Love, Learn and Serve”, reflects Mrs. Shresta’s belief in the value of learning and character formation for God and country.

With a rented building and a rented play ground, the school commenced with a decent number of students enrolled for kindergarten. Subsequently, the school added higher grades as the population grew proportionally until it received ‘High School’ status from the Ministry of Education in 1992. In the same year, the first batch passed out the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) also called the ‘Iron Gate’ examination set by the Ministry of Education. Since then, there was no turning back for the school as it has always had 100% passing for the past twenty years.

Now, the school has grown to a strong population of four hundred students.

Our Teaching Methodology

Activity Oriented Classroom Teaching

All classroom teaching at Kantipur is activity oriented demanding active participation of students. This not only creates a fun- filled, exciting and encouraging learning environment but also helps the students in developing a better understanding of the subject matter.


Opportunities for presentation on various topics are provided to the students so that they acquire the ability to effectively convey their ideas and knowledge to the other people.

Project Work

The students are assigned project works that have to be completed with the help of the library materials and other means. They may need to go out to study different events, communities and places, or meet the concerned experts in connection with their projects.


To develop the skills to face life as it comes and to better understand human qualities inherent in every person, several workshops are conducted for the students throughout the year. The workshops include a variety of topics such as logic building, self management, time and money management, academic success and social relations.

Motivational Approach System

The school has adopted a motivational approach system designed to inspire the students into achieving levels of high standard. Talk programs by successful businessmen, policemen, bankers, doctors are held at the school vicinity, which encourage the students to make use of their positive aspects so that they can be utilized in overcoming all the possible drawbacks they may possess.


Acknowledging the fact that an accurate evaluation system is also essentially a major part of the pedagogy. The school practices an evaluation system that involves a thorough assessment of the skills and knowledge acquired by the students through written tests, practical, and oral and aural activities.

Extra & Co-curricular Activities

One of the areas where Kantipur stands prominent among the plethora of schools is its relentless pursuit of well- rounded education, which is deemed incomplete without the inclusion of and participation in extra- curricular and co -curricular activities. The school pursues these activities as equally emphatically as mainstream curriculum.

Academic, Sports & Arts Clubs:

Clubs are an important means of curricular aid. The various clubs that are in operation in the school have made learning fun- filled for the students and the academic performance of the students has actually soared ever since these clubs were introduced. Most of the clubs are directly subject related, such as English Club, Science Club and the Math Club. There are sports clubs such as Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Basketball Varsities. Similarly, the school has equally emphasized on arts and has created the Dance Troup, Music Club, Art Club and the Quiz Club.

Intramural Contests

There are over hundred inter-house and individual competitions within the school every year. These competitions are held to foster camaraderie among students, boost their confidence and finally to hone their skills. These competitions are marked on the school calendar and are held on the stipulated dates.

Intra- School and Organization Sponsored Competitions

Every opportunity of participation in intra- school competitions are availed of. Our students also regularly participate in district, regional and national level contests and sports tournaments. It is a matter of immense pride that our students mostly notch the top three positions and rarely return empty handed.

Social Contribution

The school actively involves itself in matters of social and national importance. The students are sent to participate in awareness programs and other functions organized by the government and non- governmental organizations.

Besides those listed above, there are a whole host of activities that go on within the school that reinforce the regular academic enhancement of the students.