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Schools in Valley forced to Shut

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Due to safety concerns for our students and staff, the school can not run classes today as there were reports of vandalism on other school buses this morning by political groups. - July 21, 2016

New School Session 2073 & List of Working Days/Holidays

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New school session will start from 21st April, 2016 (Baishak 09, 2073) Thursday.

Number of working days and holidays in the academic calendar 2073 are as follows;

No. of teaching days- 208 days

No. of working days- 228 days


Mid Term Holidays- 6 days

Saturdays- 44 days

Dashain holidays- 33 days

Winter holidays- 20 days

Government holidays- 12 days

Finals holidays- 19 days

Note: The number of working days/ holidays may change depending upon circumstances. 

SLC Examination Routine 72/73

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SLC 2072 Exam Routine



Here are the subjects along with the dates when examinations will be held on:


Compulsory English – Chaitra 18

Compulsory Nepali – Chaitra 19

Mathematics – Chaitra 21

Science – Chaitra 22

Social Studies – Chaitra 23

Environment, Health and Population – Chaitra 24

Optional First Paper – Chaitra 25

Optional Second Paper – Chaitra 26

Practical – Chaitra 27, 28, 29


Dashain Homework and Winter Uniform

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Dashain and Tihar Vacation have just finished and we hope that everyone enjoyed the festivities. Now that classes have resumed, please be advised that the students should come to school in their winter uniform. Below is the proper school winter uniform:

Boys: white shirt full sleeves, grey long pants, grey v-neck pullover and maroon blazer with two buttons.

Girls: white shirt full sleeves, grey skirt, grey v-neck cardigan, grey woolen stockings and maroon blazer with two buttons.

Lastly, kindly note that tomorrow is the last day of submission of Dashain Homework, after tomorrow homeworks that are brought by the students will no longer be accepted.


June 8, 2015 Regular Classes

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Classes has been delayed for the safety of everyone due to the aftershocks of the Earthquake that happened in the country. However, on June 8, 2015 all classes will be back on its regular timings or schedule.

July 30, 2014 Science Educational Tour

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Grade 7 students will be taken on a Science Educational Tour in Godavari.

July 28, 2014

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Grade 8 students were taken for an Educational Tour in Swayumbu Museum.

Syllabus for Mid- Term Minor Examination 2014 (2071)

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  • English Reading & Nepali Reading

             Grade 1- 5: Seen lessons or passages

             Grade 6- 8: Unseen passages

  • English Recitation & Nepali Recitation

             Grade 1- 3: 3 poems

             Grade 4- 8: 4 poems

             Grade 9 & 10: 2 poems

  • English & Nepali Spellings 80 marks, Dictation 20 marks

             Grade 1- 3: 100 words (seen 80, unseen 20) Dictation- seen passage.

             Grade 4- 7: 150 words (seen 130, unseen 20) Dictation- seen passage.

             Grade 8- 10: 150 words (seen 100, unseen 50) Dictation- unseen passage.


         Routine will be written on the chalkboard by teachers. Routine should be copied in the school diary, checked and signed by the teacher. Routine to be signed by the parents & gardians and signature to be checked by the teacher the next day.

How to Fill up the School Bank Voucher

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Please follow the instruction given below;

1. Write the student's complete name.

2. Write the code number.

3. Write the student's class.

Make sure that the above mentioned criteria are filled up on the bank voucher.

School is Closed

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The school will be closed tomorrow 21st of December 2016 and classes would resume the next day.